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Business Detail of 'Thekdaar Dot Com'

Company Thekdaar Dot Com
Address   Pepsicola

Chairperson Nishan Shrestha (9851207186)

About Company


Building a home is one of the biggest dreams of your life, but the construction process can be stressful and confusing. Building a beautiful and strong house requires full time supervision of an engineer for few months to a year, involves rigorous time and effort to design the best possible peace of house with optimal floor plan and then comes choosing best construction material/components, dealing with a lot of vendors, suppliers, workers and rushing for hundreds of different materials for different stages of construction.

Architectural drawing and designing
Architectural drawings are the roadmap that guide to construct your home. This is the first phase before construction which requires close and rigorous attention to conceptualize what the house will look like and how strong the house will be. This phase requires the best professional architect and structural engineers to make a good design that best suits your requirement and optimal spacing as per your land plot.


Business Setup 

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