Slicejob Dot Com is one stop solution to all your needs to find employer and employee. It comes in an entire package of Classifieds, Job Portal, Elearnings, Property ads and feature articles related to them. The slice platform facilitates the user to learn and earn simultaneously. The company is set to open other multiple chains such as Slicemart, and Nepcoin in near future.


What makes Slicejob stands from the crowd is such that it has a wide array of features, starting from finding right candidates and employers, with skills and nature of employment respectively. It also has classified page where customers and sellers can buy and sell goods and services and can interact with each other seamlessly. Moreover, the colleges and schools can use elearning platform to conduct different assessment tests and examinations.


If you are looking for a wonderful platform to buy or sell or rent your property, choosing slicejob can be a practical solution. Are you in need of insightful and research based articles regarding jobs, classifieds and properties, slicejob embodies them as well. Hence, it is multi-purpose web portal to cater variety of services including jobs, classified ads, e-commerce platform and booking hotel, restaurant and Party venue.


Slicejob Dot Com is one of the leading classifieds brand in Nepal. The company has initiated the feasibility study report to operate in more than ten countries with in next two years. Slicejob currently has more than 240 thousand unique users and generates more than 1 million page views per month. Thus, it creates a versatile platform for business promotion and revenue generation.

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Our Story 

Slicejob Dot Com started its operation in 2016. The company offers wide variety of services in multiple dimensions to bring innovative solution to traditional marketing and ecommerce. Users are enabled to create and post online digital ads, buy and sell products and services and conduct online assessments, tests and examinations. Moreover, employers can scan and sort as much as CV’s from the search engine platform. It sets and amazing platform to connect employers and job seekers, where employers get right people and vice versa.

Slicejob Dot Com tries to bring dynamism in online trading and ecommerce, where the users needn’t necessarily have their own e commerce site to sell product and services, it has already embodied platform that embraces new technology for maximizing the return of our partners. If your revenue is still going down after significant effort and expenditure on marketing, then you must think about slicejob, where it offers customized solutions to rejuvenate your marketing strategy to targeted customers. It will not only boost your revenue but also help to make our customers aware about the brand through constant reinforcement. Hence, we invite all individuals, companies and colleges to be part of our journey.




Dash Board 

A multifunctional dash board has followings options;

  • Edit profile: User can update his profile and change password
  • Job applied: lists of job applied by the user
  • Save CV: user can search cv and save the cv from the search engine
  • Classified: Wide variety of classified adds
  • My Published: Total no of classified published by the customers
  • My Cart: Total items added to the carts by the user
  • Upload Question Set: companies and colleges are allowed to upload question sets for online test and assignments


Place ads

Users can directly post anything relating to classified, Property and Job. The different types of ads options available in slicejob are as follows:


Classified ads

Classified ads with multiple options to either ad or sale the products.System will automatically adjust the size and pixel combinations of the classified ads placed by the customers. The options for special discount and rebate for special users.Classified ads include followings:

  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Cameras & Imaging
  • Electronics
  • Computers & Networking
  • Mobile Phones & Accessories
  • Books
  • Musical Instruments
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Home Appliances
  • Sports & Gym Equipment
  • Collectibles
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Grocery items
  • Vegetables


Digital Video ads

Any professional video advertising relating to product can be directly uploaded in wall of property page and videos relating to business promotion can be uploaded in profile of companies and colleges. The company also facilitate development of professional and creative video ads.


Banner ads

The site provides space for banner ads in between the moving pages. The company provides customized service for designing banner adds using different 3D imaging techniques. This will help to generate quick response and attention of viewers


Blog ads

The articles and publications relating to launching and re launching of products will create awareness to millions of user about the existing environmental conditions.


Property ads

Users can easily rent their commercial buildings, flats, house and rooms. No need to go to printing media for publishing adds. Also the customers can directly book the flat villas and house for commercial or individual purpose. The available options for properties are



Job ads

The employer can directly develop and post its job ads, no needs to go to the online job sites for purchasing cv’s. The system facilitates the transfer of cv from the applicant to the employer directly at minimal cost. The employer have the options to carry out online assessment test of the job seeker by developing and posting questionnaire.


Buying and Selling

 Only the verified users can sell the product online. The company doesn’t provide any warranty and guarantee for the products and services being sold online. The company has its own parameter to verify and judge the seller, it never bears any kind of liability for the products being sold on slicejob


CV search

This is the data base of millions of users where employers can directly search, download and forward any number of CVs. This will make the hectic recruitment process easy.


ELearning center

In order to induce the elearning behavior the company launches the extensive online test and examination platform. it has multiple use. The college can develop its own set of questionnaire for entrance examinations conducted during admission and also the assessments tests for each faculty after completion of course.

The same platform can be used by the company to make online assessment of the jobseekers. These options are available for the users on the dash board upon the request of the company.



Slicejob goes beyond the job and ecommerce. It offers an innovative suite of advertising solutions, backed by industry-leading data and insights, to help you meet any marketing objective. We’ll work with you to find the right mix to drive real results.