What are the available payment Options in Slicejob?

Slice job offers wide variety of payment options viz. credit card, paypal, and for local customers E-sewa. The facility of online bank transfer, SWIFT transfer and bank deposit is also available.

  • Credit card:
  • Esewa
  • Bank Deposit
  • Internet Banking
When I will get paid for the things I share from Slicejob/Slicemart.com?

The main objective of slicejob is shared benefits among users the one who post ads will pay money based on no of views on his ads, at the same time other users earns bonus points based on the no of times items shared in social networking sites and no of click on his share links.

Why do I see page view recorded in my page but not my revenue?

The bonus point given to the users will be store in the backend and will be reimbursed to the customers in the form of Discount coupon, rebate and promotional codes.

How secured is the online payment?

The online payment has three levels of SQL security system.

Do I have to pay tax on the revenue generated from the system?

The purchase and sale subject to the applicable local government taxes.

How effective are the ads posted in slicejob ?

The company has deputed special team for developing banner ads, wall papers and video ads. The research shows that the conversion rate for ads is; 10000 views induces 100 clicks which results in 10 percent sales order.

What kind of HR related services the company provides online?

  • Online job ads
  • Online interview
  • Online assessment tests
  • Online appraisal tests
  • Online training
  • Training
How much does it cost to place ads or to place and item for sale in the slicejob/slice mart?

The cost per ads depends on the user preference of service packages. The detail price per ads can be seen in the link below.

Can I rent a room online?

Yes the platform allows buying the rent online.

What bookings options are available?

Booking of Party venue, Restaurant, Hotel rooms and many more.

How can anyone boost their CVs?

Frequently visiting the profile and updating CV’s increases the success rate of being hired

Does it provide local services or global services?

It sets to operate in multiple global locations viz Nepal, USA, UAE, Qartar.

How can company and college use this platform?

They can use this platform to take online assessment and test. These users can develop their ads and also promote it online. Students, job seekers can fill up the online forms and can take online assessment and test.

How can we get the assessment results?

The system automatically calculates the result and provide to customers at a real time.

Can the users take online assessment test for self?

The professional online tests and results designed by a team of professionals play  an important role in self-development and career developmet.

How to Use and Place ads?


  1. Go to homepage
  2. Create your user id in case you are new user
  3. Upload your profile according to the nature of user, companies have other additional options for uploading profile

Job search

Simple and two-step process search and apply

  1. Use multiple filter for searching job according to specific locations and keyword
  2. The list of the approved job list will appear Select the particular job of your requirement
  3. Add new cv or cover letter or directly apply by clicking to apply button

Cv Search

One step process to search CV’s

  1. Use advance filter options to search keyword and location
  2. Download
  3. Save cv
  4.  Forward cv

Place your adds ( Three step Process)

  1. Update the available information about classified, jobs and property
  2. Pay the nominal amount via esewa,c2cp and paypal
  3. Publish your adds

Property for sale buy and rent Two step process

  1. Open the online published adds
  2. Make the payment and book it or share the information with friends

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