Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing campaign is based on revenue  and cost sharing model which is also one of the core strategy of the company. The total cost incurred in digital promotion would be shared between client and company in agreed proportion. The inbuilt system would automatically calulate how the cost is apportioned between client and slicejob and system also the calculate the revenue shared between users and the company. A simple partnership between these three stakeholders would amplify the digital promotion of products and services. This technique is embeded in the youtube and facebook promotional schemes. To meet this target we offer three different types of promotional schemes;


Digital Video ads

A picture is worthier than thousands of words written in a sheet of paper. However, we believe videos and animations are more worthier than anything in the world. Thus, this scheme will help our valued client to boost their sales in short period of time.

Users can directly post product related videos directly into their digital banner ads. The hotels, restaurants and party venue can potray their services through them. Slicejob can also provide the customized service for developing professional video ads. Script writing, role play, framing and promoting thorugh social networking channels would be our responsibility after subscribing this scheme.  We advise Hotel, restaurants and real estate companies to use this techique.


Banner ads

The site provides space for banner ads in between the moving pages. The company provides customized service for designing banner adds using different 3D imaging techniques and animations. This will help to generate quick response and attention of viewers


Blog ads

Bloggers have been keen stakeholders with the advancement in social networking. The network of professional bloggers within and outside Nepal will help our valued clients to get desired articles and publications relating to product promotion.