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UI Designer

Posted on 12 Mar 2020 10:57:44 Job Category : Information Technology (IT)
  • Job Location
  • Balaju , Kathmandu - Nepal
  • Job Type
  • Full Time
  • Career Level
  • Mid Career
  • Education Required
  • Bachelor's degree / higher diploma
  • Experience Required
  • 1 - 2 Year
  • Salary
  • Negotiable
  • Facility/Benefits Provided
  • Salary : Negotiable 


Job Description 

  • UI Design 


  • UX/UI Designers or those with experienc of less than five years of experience 
  • Ability to utilize design tools ( Sketch , Zepine , Photoshop ,illustrator , etc )
  • the ability to communicate effectively and create a good working relationship.
  • Complex scenarios/ people who understand and service structure and can solve it in an intutive design.

Role and responsibility 

  •  A persons who has an open mind and accepts a variety of losses.
  •  Those who wish to work with the member in a variety of ways to solve the problem.
  •  Those who take initiative in solving problems and actively seek ways.
  •  Someone who prioritizes organization and teams over individuals and seeks to develop an organization in the long run.
  •  A person who is willing to learn and learn quickly.
  •  Manager level personnel who are responsible for the entire lab and interested in and willing to take the initiative in a wide range of field of business in the future.
  •  Those who are willing to use Korea advanced IT technology to contribute to Nepal’s IT development.
  •  We wants to share their future with this start –up company.
  •  Those who are interested in a various A person who tries to talk, share opinions, and work together to solve a problem.


  •  Administration with five years or more experience in developing a team that can perform a project.
  •  A person who has no reason to be disqualified from overseas travel.
  •  Someone who can form a team to work on a project.
  •  A man of leadership.
  •  Someone with extensive business and job experirnce.


  •  Education of outstanding personnel dispatched to korea (formal admission to the korean university ) and work at Korean Headquarters.
  •  Opportunities of overseases working and training .
  •  Providing various welfare benefits according to the growth of the company.


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