National Research and Development Creation Pvt. Ltd (NRDC)


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Business Detail of 'National Research and Development Creation Pvt. Ltd (NRDC)'

Company National Research and Development Creation Pvt. Ltd (NRDC)
Address   Kathmandu

Chairperson ()

About Company

National Research & Development Creation (NRDC) Pvt. Ltd. is a family of highly energetic and professionals with a dedicated team of engineers. Our company has been able to set and establish its name and fame in Nepalese Construction port folio with the motto We build your dreams, represents that great creation has ever been grown with deep thrust of conquering the imagination into reality. We have a passion and enthusiasm to build this nation in a better way. With the dream to conquer and fulfil we are committed towards the demand of today's essence. To see the beautiful things we have to be ready for the great courage and devotions. Our efficient and updated technical team of Research & Development and Engineering has added more confidence in us. We are polarised to new innovations and developments in this new era and its essence.

Our major focus of services of construction are in Engineering & Construction of Transmission line, Distribution line, Substation, Hydropower projects, Drinking water supply and Sewerage projects. Moreover, we are very optimistic to liaison with home country and multinational companies to run and execute the various projects in near future. We have found huge potential in the field of Electrical & Civil engineering EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction ) projects like, MV (Medium Voltage)and EHV(Extra High Voltage) substations, Distribution & Transmission lines, Hydropower projects, Drinking water and Sewerage projects, Building works, Road Construction, Addition and Alteration works, Upgrading works, Design and Build projects, and Property Development in our country.

As our government has huge investments on generating electricity and its distribution national-wise and internationally, we can be one of the pioneer options in this field too. We are prepared to move side by side joining the hand in  hand under the governments Master Plan Projects for the sustainable development of infrastructure, modernization and urbanization of the nation.



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